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Assisting Folsom Area Families in the Fight against Cancer

Cancer incidence rates are climbing across the board in California, and the latest medical predictions suggest that a minimum of 178,000 new cases of cancer will be reported statewide this year. The worse news is that at least 60,000 deaths from cancer are also expected to occur this year.

The Baciocco Brothers Insurance Agency is deeply concerned about these increases in cancer diagnoses, and we are launching a relief campaign to provide support to families in the Folsom area that are fighting against cancer or other serious diseases.

Ambassadors for Cancer Positive Families

As committed #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassadors, the Baciocco Brothers Insurance team is focused on building a support network for families in our area fighting cancer. During this campaign, we will be offering logistical and financial support to affected families, working to provide quality of life improvements for cancer patients, and promoting efforts to funnel resources into ongoing research into cutting edge treatments and potential cures for all forms of cancer.

Because there are so many families that require support, we know we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Be Part of the Campaign

Being part of our campaign couldn’t be easier. All we need you to do is invite your family members or friends to stop by the Baciocco Brothers Insurance Agency so we can provide them with information on how to help families in our area fighting cancer. We will happily provide them with a free insurance appraisal, and then we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a program in our area that supports families struggling with a cancer diagnosis.

We Hope You Join Us

This campaign provides you with the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the thousands of families in our area that are in desperate need of assistance. We hope you join us.


John Baciocco

Baciocco Brothers Insurance Agency

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